MugShot Pro

Network-ready, MugShot Pro features comprehensive fixed data fields, EZ Custom Line-ups, 25 user-addressable fields, and unlimited search capability. Generate arrest reports, photo lineups, and suspect history reports; keep track of arrests, non-arrests, and Megan's Law; and create BOLO, Wanted, and Missing posters – all available at the click of a button.

Benefits of MugShot Pro

1. What is MugShot Pro?

MugShot Pro is a complete digital identification/mug shot/arrest database software solution for building and managing your arrest records.

2. Who should use MugShot Pro?
MugShot Pro is designed for use by law enforcement agencies, private security agencies, investigators, and anyone who needs to establish a digital identification/mug shot/arrest database.

3. How does MugShot Pro differ from other software solutions?
MugShot Pro is a comprehensive client-server software database designed to facilitate investigation and identification of criminals. MugShot Pro meets or exceeds the features and data processing power of even the most expensive booking database systems at a fraction of the cost.

4. What are my cost benefits for using MugShot Pro?
Even for a small agency, converting to a digital mugshot system can save thousands of dollars per year in film cost. More importantly, MugShot Pro slashes the direct hours spent searching and compiling data to a fraction of a manual system.

What's more, the time-saving features of MugShot Pro may even qualify your agency for grant eligibility.

Technical Information

1. Do I need advanced computer skills to install and use MugShot Pro?
Only basic computer skills are required to install and use MugShot Pro. Only basic computer skills are required. If you can fill out a form, you can use MugShot Pro.

2. What are the minimum system requirements for MugShot Pro?
• Pentium processor
• Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT4 SP6, 2000, ME or XP
• 20 GB free drive space.
• 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
• Network ready (for client/server installation)

3. Do I need a web browser, or is MugShot Pro a web-based product?
No browser is required. MugShot Pro is a secure, Windows-based program designed to work on all Windows 98 or greater computers, regardless of operating system.

4. Will I need to purchase additional software or licenses for a network installation?
No. Once you have purchased and registered MugShot Pro, you may install the MugShot Pro Client on five computers/seats free of charge. Additional seats can be purchased for $150.00 per seat.

5. Can I add to the MugShot Pro database (i.e. photos or a new arrest record) from any network location?
Yes. All MugShot Pro features are available at all installed network client locations. Your user password will determine your database permissions.

6. Where do I go for technical support?
Technical support is available free to MugShot Pro registered users. Our toll-free number is 1-800-207-9233.

7. Who do I contact for maintenance?
Maintenance, including software updates, is available through Digital Cop for $250.00 per year.


1. Is MugShot Pro available outside of the United States and Canada?
Yes. MugShot Pro ships worldwide.

2. What is the price of MugShot Pro for international customers?
The price for international customers is $995.00 USD, plus shipping.

3. Is MugShot Pro available in languages other than English?
MugShot Pro is currently available in English only. Please contact us to discuss translation services and options.

4. How can I get a demo?
A fully functional demo CD is available to law enforcement and private security agencies upon request. Simply complete the demo request form on our site or contact us.

5. How do I purchase MugShot Pro?
MugShot Pro can be purchased directly through our website. Please see our Purchasing section for more information.

New Feature!

Add external photos to build custom line-ups, save to the suspect's record, and retrieve.
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"We recently purchased the "Mugshot Pro" software for the Wood County (WV) Sheriff's Department. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with this product. First of all the support on both installation and features has been outstanding! This software is extremely easy to use, in fact all of our deputies have easily switched from paper reports. When used with a digital camera with docking station, there can't possibly be any software easier to use. Thank you for this fine product."

Barry Murphy
Wood County Sheriff Department. WV


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