Photo Evidence Pro

Providing multiple levels of secure image archiving, Photo Evidence Pro includes a secure backend database, steganographic watermarking, imported exit information, and a comprehensive audit log tracking all user activity.

Stored cases can be archived to a non-editable, write-once CD that includes evidence photos as well as the complete case audit log for safe, secure distribution. Photo Evidence Pro also offers multiple viewing options, as well as hard copy and HTML report writing.

Photo Evidence Pro features:

A fast, easy-to-use, and feature-rich digital management system
Multi-level security featuring a comprehensive audit log
Completely searchable and user-defined fields
The ability to attach related documents
Stand alone or network options
Full compatibility with all Windows operating systems
Compatibility with most digital cameras and scanners

Benefits of Photo Evidence Pro

1. What is Photo Evidence Pro?
Photo Evidence Pro is a secure, fully-audited, and tamper-proof digital photo storage and retrieval system.

2. Who should use Photo Evidence Pro?
Photo Evidence Pro software is designed specifically for use by law enforcement, those who need to supply chain of custody information about digital images, or those who need to provide comprehensive validation of the digital photograph integrity.

3. How does Photo Evidence Pro differ from other software solutions?
Photo Evidence Pro's file security, auditing, and password protection are designed for the comprehensive management of chain of custody in a law enforcement environment. Photo Evidence Pro offers a comprehensive, feature-rich client-server image database system at a fraction of the cost of non-law enforcement image database systems.

4. What are my cost benefits for using Photo Evidence Pro?
Even for a small agency, digital imaging can save thousands of dollars per year in film and processing cost. More importantly, Photo Evidence Pro slashes the direct hours spent searching and compiling data to a fraction of a manual system.

Registered users are also free to install as many client workstations as necessary at no extra charge. Upgrades may be purchased at the user's discretion and are never required.

Technical Information

1. Do I need advanced computer skills to install Photo Evidence Pro?

Only basic computer skills are required to install and use Photo Evidence Pro.

2. What are the minimum system requirements for Photo Evidence Pro?
• Pentium III processor
• Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT4 SP6, 2000, ME or XP
• 20 GB free drive space (storage requirements will vary depending on use and activity.
• 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
• 800x600 full color video driver suitable for viewing photos
• Network ready (for client/server installation)

3. Do I need a web browser, or is Photo Evidence Pro a web based product?
No browser is required. Photo Evidence Pro software is a secure, Windows-based program designed to work on all Windows 98 or greater computers, regardless of operating system.

4. Will I need to purchase additional software or licenses for a network installation?
No. Once you have purchased and registered Photo Evidence Pro, you may install the Photo Evidence Pro Client on as many network locations as you require.

5. Do I need special printers or printing equipment to use Photo Evidence Pro?
Photo Evidence Pro will print to virtually any printer that can connect to Windows.

6. Can I use Photo Evidence Pro to search photographs on file?
Photo Evidence Pro is a fully searchable database system. Every word in every field of a case description can be used to retrieve case data. In addition, each individual photograph may be commented for comprehensive reporting.

7. Can I customize Photo Evidence Pro?
Yes. Photo Evidence Pro gives the system administrator full control of how the software is configured. Administrators can define every searchable field according to their specific needs, select image storage compression levels, printer quality levels, and define which user events will be tracked in the audit log.

8. Can I add photographs from removable media?
Photo Evidence Pro software accepts image files individually or in bulk from any storage media accessible to your network. Photo Evidence Pro will also connect directly to any Twain-compliant camera or scanner.

9. Can I print photo reports?
Photo Evidence Pro offers a wide range of photo and case reporting options, including contact sheets.

10. Can I make back-up CD's?
Yes. Photo Evidence Pro offers the option to create a non-editable, write-once CD of a case that includes the complete audit file in order to verify chain of custody.

11. Can I use Photo Evidence Pro to store and retrieve non-photographic information related to a case?
Yes. Photo Evidence Pro provides for the storage of all related files, such as word documents, spread sheets, audio clips, and video clips. There is no restriction or limit on the type of file that can be associated with a case. Associated files appear on a list and can be double-clicked to open with the native application associated with that file type on your system.

12. What is the capacity of the software to store images?
Photo Evidence Pro does not restrict the number or size of the images you can store. Your server's storage capacity should be adequate to accommodate the number of image files you need to keep currently available, and our technical support staff can help determine your storage needs. The Photo Evidence Pro service manual also provides assistance calculating your agency's storage needs.

13. Where do I go for technical support?
Technical support is free to Photo Evidence Pro registered users for the life of the software. Our toll free is number 1-800-207-9233.


1. Is Photo Evidence Pro available outside of the United States and Canada?
Yes. Photo Evidence Pro ships worldwide.

2. What is the price of Photo Evidence Pro for international customers?
The price for international customers is $1,495.00 USD, plus shipping.

3. Is Photo Evidence Pro available in languages other than English?
Photo Evidence Pro is currently available in English only. Please contact us to discuss translation services and options.

4. How can I get a demo?
A fully functional demo CD is available to law enforcement and private security agencies. Simply complete the demo request form on our site or contact us.

5. Where can I purchase Photo Evidence Pro?
Photo Evidence Pro can be purchased directly through our website. Please see Purchasing for more information.

New Feature!
Imaging editing tools allow you to adjust zoom, brightness, contrast, gamma, or color saturation while maintaining the original photo.

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