"We, at the Excelsior Springs, Missouri Police Department are very pleased with our Digital Cop software. Prior to purchase of your software, we compared your product with others that cost 5 to 10 times more. We know we made the right decision for our application. Not only is the software user friendly, but the support your company has provided are virtually unheard of in this day of computers.

Only a short learning curve was necessary for the "street cops" to begin using the software and digital imagery setup. Our Investigations Unit is also excited about the digital imaging line-up feature of the software. We already have over 150 arrest records within just six weeks of using the software. I actually think officers are making custodial arrest just to be able to use the software!"

Sgt. Clint Reno, Support Services Commander
Excelsior Springs P.D., MO

"We tried several mug shot / arrest report programs before choosing Digital Cop. It has an easy to use interface and can be customized to our Department's needs. Most importantly; service & support is top notch, exceeding any other software company I've dealt with." 

Ofc. Bill Mitchell
Johnson City Police Dept., NY

"After testing many Booking programs in various price ranges, I chose MugShot Pro from Digital Cop,  a very functional and easy to use program with all the features that our department needed. I was also very impressed with the support I received from Digital Cop for the installation and migration of 7000 plus records from our old system to MugShot Pro. I would recommend this software to any size Police Department."

Lt. Tomas J. Padilla BCI
Hackensack Police Department, NJ

Dear Sirs,

We recently purchased the “MugShot Pro” software for the Wood County (WV) Sheriff’s Department. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with this product. First of all the support on both installation and features has been outstanding! This software is extremely easy to use, in fact all of our deputies have easily switched from paper reports. When used with a digital camera with docking station, there can’t possibly be any software easier to use. Thank you for this fine product.


Barry Murphy
Wood County Sheriff Department, WV

"Never before we would put a name with a face when we arrested someone. Once the officer left the jail that was it. Now with the MugShot Pro we are starting to build a very nice data base that is so handy and real easy to use. It's really nice to be able to look at another officer’s arrest and to be able to look at all the personal information for that person and include a face. MugShot Pro is a must for every dept., and it makes tracking easier.

With the wanted posters that you can make with the software, we can e-mail it the surrounding agencies where the person might be staying. The picture is much better being able to e-mail the information. MugShot Pro has been an excellent tool for our dept. and your company provides top notch tech support for the product. Thank you for such a great product and I recommend it to all departments and the cost is a fraction compared to similar products."

Deputy Terry Davis
Wayne County Sheriff's Department, KY

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