Property Tracking Pro

Property Tracking Pro allows you to add up to four photos for each piece of property or evidence using any digital camera. Records can be quickly retrieved by simply scanning
the barcode, and all fields can be scanned in or entered with a simple drop-down list.  

Property Tracking Pro features:

Complete password protection
A complete audit trail of each evidence or property,
from submission to disposal
Time/Date stamping on all movement
Aging, inventory, location and out-to-lab reporting
A master inventory list for reconciling evidence plus reports
Generation of barcode labels for each property
Generation of custom barcodes, dept personnel, evidence type, location
Generation of lab request forms and custom notification letters
A complete custom search by case, property, or location
Customizable fields
Full compatibility with all Windows Operating Systems from Windows 98 on
Compatibility with off-the-shelf barcode scanners and printers

New Feature!
Purchase Property Tracking Pro and receive a barcode scanner and network printer free of charge.
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